Our Executive Team

A management team with proven experience, expertise, knowledge and passion

Management Philosophy

The Black Winter Projects team draws from complementing the strengths of its management team. Our experience in handling numerous projects, our varied experience in diverse fields, and our global connections are some of the contributors to our successful track record. Each of us shares a common dream of development through sustainability.

V. Madhu
Appointed to the I.A.S, (the Premier Civil Service of India) in 1978, (now retired after 33 years’ service in Government of Karnataka). A First Rank Holder/ Gold Medalist in B.Sc. (Chemistry 1972) & M.Sc. (Chemistry 1974) from the University of Kerala. Also, a Management Professional with an MBA from Southern Cross University, New South Wales, Australia. Started career at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Mumbai in Jan 1975. In the Government of Karnataka, as an I.A.S. Officer, held charge of many positions. The Positions being head of District Administration, Head of Departments, Head of big public sector companies (one employed over one hundred thousand employees and another over 36000 Engineers), and as Secretary to Government, etc. As Secretary to Government, the job is to act as the main Policy and Management advisor to the Government. Some positions in the earlier period of service related to the management of law and order as District Magistrate or being the Chief Development officer of the Government in implementing a large number of schemes and small Projects. Later I held Positions where big projects had to be managed with a strict time schedule on tight Budgets
V. MadhuChairman Emeritusmadhuv@blackwinterprojects.com
Vishnu M
An intuitive entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in building successful brands and companies from ground up. Vishnu started his career at an advertising agency where he laid the foundation for effective networking for business development across industries. Understanding the need for raising capital for many upcoming infrastructure projects, he co-founded Agastya Advisors which specialized in Capital Advisory and Transactional Advisory Services Over this period he helped raise capital for renewable energy companies, sustainable infrastructure entities, Oil and Gas drilling and Mineral Mining companies. Black Winter Projects was then founded specifically to implement Regional Development, Sustainable Infrastructure and Environmental Technology. During this time he also co-founded 5C networks, a company that would revolutionize the way Teleradiology functions today.
Naganna Mandiga
Naganna Mandiga started his career as a software programmer after his Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering. Following his MBA in Strategy & Finance at The University of Strathclyde UK, Naganna worked extensively in boutique advisory firms in the field of investment banking, government policy and political risk analysis and strategy consulting where he has worked in many high value transactions in diverse industries for clients across EU, UK, USA and India. He is also an advisor for many HNWI for their investment portfolios. He has successfully completed CFA Level 2 certification.
Naganna Mandiga Director nag@blackwinterprojects.com
AVR Naidu
AVR Naidu has a Master’s in Computer Applications and started his career as SQA Manager at IBM. He co-founded two Tech companies and has been instrumental in clinching several projects with various State governments. He has also worked as the Director - Marketing & Liaison with American Road Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd, a Canadian road technology company and has played a critical role in introducing the technology in India by getting approvals, initiating pilots with various municipalities in the country and also successfully winning large tenders. An avid resource enthusiast, he has a significant mining portfolio in Africa and India. AVR Naidu’s expertise lies in his strong national and international interpersonal network build over the last 15 years. A strong public relations professional, Naidu has accrued interpersonal network of Bureaucrats and Diplomats in India, Africa, MENA, US and Eastern Europe. He has extensive experience of working with large international corporates for strategic partnerships, new market entry, technology transfers and government relations.

“Today our focus is to meet the demands of developing infrastructure which is generated out of rapid urbanization. The cornerstone to achieving our goals is to improve infrastructural facilities and help create durable public assets and quality-oriented services in existing cities & towns. Our goal is to be able to build smart cities. We will have to build new cities (smart cities) to accommodate the surge and shift of a growing population. These cities shall be green, sustainable, livable and well-planned integrated developments”- Vishnu M